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Thursday, December 31, 2015, 2:17 AM
1 week in BKK...... 
Lets go back to 1 day before we flew, bf went for haircut by a hairstylist i recommended. I've had my hair cut with them for about 7 years before i change to my current one. And there's this hairstylist cut guy's hair very well and i've always wanted to let my bf's hair to be cut by him...

Hehehe nice right??? Only $25 + $10 for booking that hairstylist, Jensen at Gataomo. A backcombed that is specially for his head shape! I love it so much!

And here we go, 19 dec, bus & mrt ride to the airport!

This is our first hotel, Samran Place, yes theres 2, because this whole trip was a surprise for his birthday on christmas eve!

Hotel was spacious and clean.. Bathub was too small.. We didnt like this hotel much and wouldnt recommend to anyone because we didnt have a good night sleep for every night here. We would wake up in the middle of the night. Dont know if its the superstitious saying of mirror infront of the bed is not good. Also, i dont know why, every night they have road construction. And its just at the first level outside our hotel. The timing where everyone wants to sleep.. 12-3am... And the water here was horrible, either too damn hot or too damn cold..

First night, first thing arrived was to find me healthy food. And there in Siam Paragon, they have a gourmet market which sell steamed sweet potatos and corn, meats etc, can even select your own meat and bring to the cook and choose your own sauce.

2nd day; Chatuchak, it was a sunday so they closed at 6 plus.. We didnt get to see much, but we managed to try quite alot of food. What i like best here would be this JJ thai milk tea and coconut ice cream, you can add your own topping like peanut, nata coco etc, which they placed on the side.

Bf's 2nd favourite is the garlic toast. Im not a fan of it but i love the thai milk tea sold somewhere a little further down this street stall.

Then we headed to muscle factory! Great huge gym, great machines, not much people either. My only wish was 1.25kg plates that they dont have.... Also because we went and left there quite late, and it was really dark outside, we had to walk 15 mins out in the dark and it was quite scary.. So my advice is, try to go in the day..

3rd day; Chinatown. It was monday and apparently this is the day that has least open street stall due to some reason. Yes we are quite sway.. I would like to highlight this part very much to those planning to go. 

That day, we actually wanted to go wat pho temple. We went to national stadium and waited for the bus for quite awhile but the bus takes forever. While waiting we then realised we probably cant go to the temple with shorts and sandals. We thought it was the grand palace that is required to wear long pants and long sleeves only. So anyway, this is not the main point. We then decided to take a tuk tuk there. Walking towards them, this uncle approached us, cant remember their uniform, but its yellow and blue with a word "dad" stated on it. So he was really friendly, telling us how singaporeans are a friend to him bla bla bla and like to do return a favour by only charging us 30 baht to the pier.

So we went on the tuk tuk, with his colleague who is driving us. We reach the pier that is not the one you see on the bts. The lady wanted to charge us 2400 baht for the ride at first, saying that have 2 person bla bla bla. It was so expensive, of course i rejected. She even went her price down to 1200 baht, also scolding us some thai language. We walked away of course. Told the tuk tuk guy to bring us back, and asked him how much, this time, he says "200 baht". Its so obvious that they are all out to cheat our money. We rejected, walked out and took another tuk tuk to chinatown, which was not too far away.

We also later realised that if we had taken bts to Saphan Taksin, the boat ride would only cost 10-20 baht. From a singaporean guy we met on the train.What i really hate about BKK is that alot of the people there are out to cheat your money. So becareful.

So anyway, we got to try the famous pad thai (it was alright for us), a really nice simple yummy noodle cooked by a chinese auntie. We managed to get to know this thai chinese auntie who was eating on the same table as us. She shared with us, the shops we have to go to try the food. A really nice lady who actually visit Singapore quite often.. (:

This is the famous sharkfin stall with ducks hanging outside. Not a fan of all the dishes we had except the bird nest. It was so sweet so nice.. Its really cheap too, just 300-500 baht for shark fin or bird nest. Bf ordered the 500 baht sharkfin, bowl came big but not much meat i would say.

We then walked towards khao san road. Passed by the temples that we initially planned to go, but most of it were closed.

Here at khao san road, we tried the normal rotti, it was nice.. sweet..

But our favourite is the following 2 stalls:

1. Rotti; run by an auntie with 2 students, as you can see, the menu here is different. We ordered the pizza flavour, the lady took quite a while to make.. But it was fantastic and really cheap! You have to try this if you come here.

2. This is my favourite of the favourite. Milkshake from Daily Fresh. The best dessert i had for the whole trip and i really miss this. Runs by 2 pretty lady. The menu are actually in thai..

We walked pass seeing somebody eating this, and so i went over to try my best to communicate with them. Pointed at this dessert from someone's else table, they then told me, its not ice cream, its milkshake. So i asked for the flavours and decided to try this chocolate one since bf love chocolate.

They took quite a while to make this, because they had to start from scratch, but this is fanstastic. The milkshake is sooooo good. You can drink, you can also eat like a dessert.. because this mountain thing you see is shaved chocolate milk..

We love this very very much, wanted to buy one more but we were too full.. Kind of regret not buying another..

4th day; terminal 21. We headed to the gym first..

Then off we go! The shopping mall is quite pretty.. Not a fan of their clothes here, but we bought chocolate and sweet & sour flavour pop corn. Got his mum a pretty bracelet, a pair of stone earring and necklace for me! XD

The christmass tree here was really beautiful!

Food recommendation... nah.. we were pretty much sick of thai food by then.. We ate japanese restaurant.. it was alright..

For 2 nights we have went to the "Zen" massage near by and it was nice!

5th day; The day that we can finally change our hotel! Marriott Courtyard at Ramchadamri. We love this hotel except that they dont have a bathtub for us to soak.. But overall, the room is pretty, the shower is nice, the bed is fantastic (big and material is so good), quite a few big mirrors, but none facing the bed. We slept really well here, in fact we sleep so well, we would sleep longer.. haha!

Okay, as our breakfast are included, we get to eat at their MOMO cafe. I love it so much! Because they served healthier food. They have broccollis, chicken and brown rice! They also have a wide variation of food like noodles, eggs (cook on the spot), pancake, waffles, breads, yogurts, greek yogurts, porridge and other ingredients. Thing is, nothing is too oily yet they are all yummy! Even the healthy broccoli is delicious! Staff here are really nice too...

Then we headed off to pratunam area. Wanted to settle our lunch first, but there was no gourmet market like Siam Paragon. So we went to Siam to eat and went back to Pratunam to shop...

The only photo we took actually because the rest of the time we were walking around... I hated platinum mall here, it was huge.. But the things are too messy, i shop until i felt so giddy, so we left the mall.. Didnt shop finish it.. We went to central world.. Bought ourselves a couple bracelet/necklace here! Its really unique for me.. Hehehe..

Then at night we went to the night market at palladium mall side.. Bought myself a gym top!

This is also the day that i finally get to pass him the birthday card that i've drawn for him!

Heh as you can see, the drawing is really like him. Same hairstyle, small shoulder, big biceps, big thigh and small calves! Hehehe just that i exaggerated more. Those hot abs will come in future...

6th day; Roi Fat Market. Headed to the gym first... This was our last gym sesh and thats my new gym top! #coolkiddontdance

Then we changed into our couple superdry tee and head over to Roi Fat Market.

Because it was a thursday, alot of the shops werent open. We get to explored the shops that were open. Pretty place, pleasant to your eyes but nothing to buy.. Food we had here was horrible.. We tried their western restaurant pasta and it was horrible.. We then try street noodle stall, it wasnt very nice either... We then wanted to try their dessert stall, but the mosquitos were sooo much. We left anyway..

7th day; Siam, Union Mall and Chatuchak!

We haven't shop Siam the past few days, so we took out 2 hours to shop here.. Siam center is actually quite a pretty and pleasant to shop. But most of the things were very expensive. I managed to buy 4 top from one of the cheap stall though! Heh..

Then we headed up to Audrey Petite as we read online that someone recommends to try their Thai Tea Crepe Cake. I was huge dissapointed with this cafe. It was very pretty but the food was just normal. The thai tea crepe cake does not have strong thai tea flavour, it just taste like sweet and soft cake. We ordered the coffee waffle, would have been better if ice cream flavour was coffee.. The ice cream served was vanilla... So anyway, i wouldnt recommend to come here.

Then we headed over to try this beef noodle from Nuer Koo that my friend recommended. We ordered the most basic one and find it alright. I would say better than the street stall, but its not something we will come specially for.

Next, we went to After You Cafe at Siam Paragon. This was recommended to us by a kind Singaporean we met on the train. We ordered this milo & ovaltine shaved ice. I would give this 7/10, its quite delicious. Inside the shaved ice theres even bits of chocolate and ovaltine to bite.. The milk shaved ice was really soft.. But the best one is still Khao San Road, Daily Fresh..

Then we headed over to Union Mall. Which i find is quite a nice place to shop.. Comfortable to shop i would say.. Things are also quite nice to see. We bought a few clothes here.

And lastly, back to Chatuchak. The time, we went there on friday evening. There wasnt much stalls open yet.. So we didnt get to eat the JJ ice cream.. But we managed to find this place call Green Vintage Market, which is deep inside Chatuchak. This place is huge. Too much to see, we didnt have the time, but we managed to eat the wanton mee. This was fantastic. The cook is a Singaporean uncle, very nice very friendly. We had 2 big bowl each.. Hehehe.. This is highly recommended.

You cant find a wanton mee that taste like this in Singapore, and Singapore ones cant right.. Not even the lavender one..

Back to hotel, took our stuff and went to airport. Flight delayed for 2 hours and it was so bored for us. There was literally nothing to do at the airport. We just play our own phone game. And the shittiest thing was that our flight was 12:50am, which is Singapore 1:50am.. Delayed for 2 hours, we were so tired. We got back Singapore at 6am.. T_T

Overall, it was a good one time explore but we wouldnt want to go back to BKK again. Came home with a bad complexion due to the air there. The road was horrible to walk, holes everywhere. And the guys there stared at my legs like they never seen a lady's leg before. We had to watch our valuables the whole time, we had to worried if they gonna cheat our money..

But if you're going there, have fun! You probably wont have the same bad experience as we did! (:
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